Wednesday, January 30, 2008

talk with full mouth


Pizza! used to be the New Motherfuckers. The New Motherfuckers are now Pizza! They make nerdy playful hyper new wave, have two drummers, and play shows in the building I live in so sometimes I hear them from my bedroom.

Pizza! - Repress Yourself!
Pizza! - Houses
Pizza! - Hotlanta
The Avant-Garde Volkpenis (Pizza!) - Blue Moob

These are unmixed recordings from their Myspace, these songs sound better live.

Pizza! at Tiny Creatures last weekend:

Friday, January 25, 2008

It's so


From France, Martin Dupont with with what sounds a little like a subdued Mona Soyoc from KaS Product doing vocals on some tracks. From Sleep is a Luxury (1985):

Martin Dupont - It's So
Martin Dupont - You Are My Jail
Martin Dupont - I Met The Beast


From Spain, Ultima Emoción, very OMD with moments of Power Corruption Lies era New Order. With trademark Spanish lisp. Good but a little overly sentimental sometimes (their name serves as your warning). From Máquinas Románticas (198?):

Ultima Emoción - Máquinas Románticas
Ultima Emoción - Nada Cambiará
Ultima Emoción - La Ultima Fiesta

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You are perfect you are sheer


Gina X Performance's first album from 1979, Nice Mover. No G.D.M. references Quentin Crisp 's notable little quote "There is no great dark man" (referring to love, not race, although some probably took it the wrong way) i.e. one doesn't have a soulmate out there who is going to come along and make life perfect. Mr. Crisp also said that AIDS was a fad and homosexuality was a disgusting disease (dry dry dry).

The lineup of synths they used on this album is impressive -- Mini Moog, Polymoog, ARP 2600, ARP Solina, others. I want them all.

Gina X Performance - No G.D.M
Gina X Performance - Black Sheep

Download full album here

+buy Gina X Performance - Nice Mover

Friday, January 18, 2008

I need a time machine

where is my time machine

i could be happy

Altered Images - I Could Be Happy (from Pinky Blue, 1981)
Altered Images - Dead Pop Stars (Single, 1981)

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Parlour games


Bubonic Plague / Instant Coma sounds like it was made in a Belgian basement in 1980 or something. I once saw them play at the old Parlour Club here in LA (ah memories I miss that place) ad it was great. The album can be purchased from Human Ear Music here.

Bubonic Plague - Polyhedron
Bubonic Plague - Gray Wave City

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Northward Route

Kristian looking sassy

Kristian from Ungdomskulen just sent me a remix he did for fellow Norwegian artist Sissy Wish, whose 3rd album Beauties Never Die is up for a Norwegian grammy. The remix is sexy and nice and good. Kristian does solo stuff as Stockhaus. More songs about phallic items to come?

Sissy Wish - Table 44 (Stockhaus Joggbyksdrama Remix)
Stockhaus - My Banana

Ungdomskulen will be in LA at the Viper room on Feb. 4 and Spaceland Feb. 6.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Flaming Star


It's Elvis Presley's birthday today. I don't really feel one way or the other about Elvis, but I do love this song from Flaming Star, a film he did in 1960. This is one song I can listen to over and over and over again and never get tired of.

Elvis Presley - Flaming Star

Friday, January 04, 2008


More john maus

and more gayness

>>>John Maus - Rights For Gays

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Telephone Operator


This needs to be a gay anthem this year. It's not as explicitly gay as Homosapien (the telephone operator could be a lady) but the only thing this song makes me think of is a sweaty closet full of men. From the 1983 album XL-1.

Pete Shelley - Telephone Operator