Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Flying Lizards

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Yay for my first entire album posting, The Flying Lizards' self-titled debut from 1979. These guys were pigeonholed as kind of kitschy because of some of their cover singles (Money! That's What I want etc), but this first album has some pretty innovative and interesting stuff on it, and they used all kinds of interesting found things as instruments on this album. A 1980 Melody Maker review of the album can be found here, and some other good reviews and interviews from the time here.

Two standouts are the tracks Vivien Goldman sings on, "Her Story" and "The Window." Vivien Goldman is probs best known for her music journalism and her solo single "Launderette," co-produced with John Lydon, which has a lot in common with the tracks she sings on here.

Here's "Her Story" for preview/download for those of you who don't like downloading stuff before you've been able to sample.

The Flying Lizards - Her Story

Download Full Album here.


Vivien Goldman - Launderette

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sweets from a Stranger

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Two overlooked Squeeze gems from 1982's Sweets from a Stranger. The album got bad reviews I guess but these tracks are hot, "strangers" is a kind of skittery funky thing (but with the obvious squeeze-isms) and the other a sort of gooey new pop confection.

Squeeze - Stranger than the Stranger on the Shore
Squeeze - The Very First Dance