Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The boys and the blues

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I saw Namosh a few years ago at Club Nasti in Madrid. It was amazing, and I'll pee my pants the day he comes to LA. These recordings don't quite do this crazy motherfucker justice, but they're still good, and fun for dancing. Don't write this stuff off as electroclash, even though it might smell like a duck and walk like a duck. "Coldcream" was apparently Bjork's favorite song last year, and Bjork wouldn't endorse just any old trashy electroclash act now would she?

You can get his first 6 song EP released on Bungalow from iTunes. "Picked up Floozy" was also featured on Berlin Insane, a compilation of random stuff from Berlin's scene (also on iTunes). For newer stuff and vinyl, including this thuper remix by Whomadewho, go here.

Namosh - Action and Words
Namosh - Cold Cream
Namosh - Pulse (whomadewho remix)
Namosh - Picked up Floozy


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