Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Long Distance Relationships: An Exception

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI'm a sucker for new music that sounds old--it's an art, really, making new stuff sound old. If I played you Your City Below and told you it was a british post-punk band from 1979 you would believe me, and you would like it, and the only place you could find it would be their myspace page, the very opposite of vintage so go figure.

Your City Below is an "online collaboration" between a guy who lives in Maryland and a guy who lives in NY. Does this mean that one guy records something and then sends it to the other and he adds his part and then sends it back and so on and so forth? I dont' know, but it would be amazing if these guys were channeling Josef K and Orange Juice without ever meeting in the flesh.

These fellows are in the formative stages, they've barely had their umbilical cord cut from mother post-punk, and these demos are their first words. They won't be playing any shows anytime soon so show them your love on their myspace page, they only have 19 friends.

Your City Below - Our Militia (Demo)
Your City Below - Sisters of Men (Demo)
Your City Below - Trade Her Life (Demo)

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