Sunday, November 12, 2006

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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI'm tired of scouring Limewire at strange hours of the night trying to find yet-to-be- pirated-by-me Josef K songs, so I was very smiley back in August when I heard that Domino was releasing an anthology of their bestest things titled "Entomology." Yay, on November 20 the shitty quality copy of "Radio Drill Time" I'll be sharing in a few lines will be upgraded to a bright shiny CD quality version. And how.

Here are some tracks:

Josef K - Radio Drill Time
Josef K - Crazy to Exist
Josef K - Fun 'n' Frenzy

Mm? They're all included on the album - buy it here.


At the peak of it all frontman Paul Haig left the band to pursue solo projects, ending up a sort of bland synthpop cliche as seen on here on this track from his first album "Rhythm of Life" (for some strange reason I love the silly vaguely oriental riff in this song):

Paul Haig - Adoration

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Michael said...

I am SO EXCITED! about this Josef K reissue. Can't wait...