Friday, February 02, 2007

Diagram Brothers

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Diagram Brothers ('79-'82) were a high-concept postpunk group from Manchester made up of four science students who devised strict constricts for their songs and diagrammed the planned unfoldings of their studio sessions, interviews, shows, and record sleeves. Says bassist Andy Diagram (also trumpet player for Dislocation Dance):

"The music was made to a strict formula, or set of rules. All the guitar chords were based on discordant notes, all the beats were very simple rock or disco, and all the words were very straightforward and down to earth."

Diagram Brothers - We Are All Animals
Diagram Brothers - I Would Like To Live In Prison
Diagram Brothers - Bricks
Diagram Brothers - Discordo

The expanded "Some Marvels of Modern Science" can be downloaded in it's entirety for free over at Mutant Sounds, or purchased from Darla.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you ,thank you!!
I have had 'We are all Animals' stuck in my head for nearly 30 years after hearing it on John Peel and taping most of it. The tape disappeareed years ago and was dodgy anyway plus I'd forgotten the bands name.

So thanks.