Friday, February 16, 2007

The Queen

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Ms. Lunch is the mistress of off-key insouciance. She sings like she's coming down off the Anna Nicole Smith cocktail (too soon?), and it's sloppy and lazy and perfect. From her 1980 debut Queen of Siam:

Lydia Lunch - Atomic Bongos
Lydia Lunch - Spooky

Atomic bongos is my jam du jour, and Spooky is a rendition of an old Classics IV song from 1967. Here is the original for comparison and contrastison:

Classics IV - Spooky


Anonymous said...

i love this bc i got a lydia lunch comparison once. we both know its utter-b.s. but kindly appreciated. i decided i love your blog and kindly appreciate it as well. you are a definate favorite.

Anonymous said...

Lydia Lunch, Jeez haven't heard her in years- thanx for reminding me of my high school years. She's cool.