Wednesday, March 07, 2007


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This is some rare and interesting post-Weirdos stuff from the Denney Brothers, Dix and John. It's a departure from the first-wave punk of The Weirdos, very industrial and electronic, but the political bent of a punk band is still apparent in the song titles. No singing though, which is kind of a bummer, I'd like it even more with some vocals.

They apparently used a washing machine to make the drum sounds. This is the A-side from the 1981 album "Warhead" - which I nabbed from Goodwill for a buck :)

If-Then-Else - Hey Big Oil
If-Then-Else - Sidewalker
If-Then-Else - The Wedge
If-Then-Else - Warhead


The Weirdos - Cyclops Helicopter


Anonymous said...

i really like your blog. i came over here from chris leavins blog and i just wanted to say hi!

Anonymous said...

hey cool stuff. white socks. said...

I have this LP, this morning I ripped it to my computer. It wasn't quite my cup of tea in the 80's, so I only listened to it a couple of times. I'm having a problem chopping up the recording into individual songs, the LP lists 8 songs, but looking at the spacing on the recording there seem to be 9 songs, the last one is just 30 seconds, so maybe it is just part of the last song, "vermichtung" or maybe somekind of extra track, if you know please let me know thanks.