Friday, June 22, 2007

The Wicker Man and Paul Giovanni

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I just saw The Wicker Man (1973) recently, and it was the best movie I've seen all year, maypoles and sexy rituals and masked pagans oh my. I read somewhere that Paul Giovanni wrote the entire score in a week, which is rad since it's pretty much a masterpiece.

It's a shame that an awful remake of this film was made last year with Nick Cage (boo). Some of the most popular videos on YouTube right now are mash-ups of the lamest scenes from the remake with everyone ragging on what a douche Nick Cage is in the comments. Ha. But everyone should see the original and forget about the remake. Here is some music from the movie - I wasn't able to download one or two of my favorites, so when I do I'll add them to the post.

The Wicker Man Soundtrack (Paul Giovanni) - Gently Johnny
The Wicker Man Soundtrack (Paul Giovanni) - Willow's Song
The Wicker Man Soundtrack (Paul Giovanni) - Maypole Song
The Wicker Man Soundtrack (Paul GIovanni) - Corn Riggs
The Wicker Man Soundtrack (Paul Giovanni) - The Wicker Man (End Title)


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite films of all time, the end title song always sent chills down my spine. Just like mothers with Nic Cage, I've avoided the remake with a passion.

John Peacock said...

If you have the Director's Cut version, I'd say the best version would be that, minus the prologue on the mainland (so with the beginning from the theatrical release version).

Wonderful film - when it was completely obscure (and only turned up on TV at midnight once every five years or so), I enjoyed describing all the varied delights of the film, finishing up with "... and it's a musical!"

Anonymous said...

Maypole song isn't working. Please repost!

Michael McCreary said...

I want to cover the maypole song. So good...

debrabmaddox said...

u r right,,thisistheBEST film ever ive known of thismoviefora long time,,untillthe remake it was unnoticed - the remake is good too - but the original is the best

Steve Engler said...

I just posted a group that Giovanni fronted before creating the Wicker Man soundtrack. If you want to hear it visit:

Anonymous said...

Hey man! This is a little late, but you pleeeeeeaaaaaase repost these tracks? :)

At least the Willow song? :)

Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with a monkey on top? :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for uploading these again! You're a total hero, you just made my day!