Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hawaiian Pups

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Here's the Hawaiian Pups' Split Second Precision EP from 1983. Mostly good stuff, espesh "Young Boys" and "Baby Judy" and their respective b-side reworks. The way she coos on "Young Boys" and the whole reverse predatory thing is pretty great. "Baby Judy" is totally nuts and lots of fun to dance to, gets playd at Part Time Punks regularly. Great cover art, too.

music removed at the request of the artist, who provided some additional info and alluded to a possible reissue in her email. I've included the email in the comments.


☮alxblck said...

email from Tara Shanahan:

Thanks for the nice review. I coo? :)

It's been so long - I think that's the Chinese olympic team trying to do a synchronic somersault. I saw the picture in a magazine at the laundromat -and the caption read "split second percision".


I thought it was pretty funny, and that it would make a great cover if I ever learned to play the bass - which I was just learning, and got a band, and they got a record contract. Two years later, I found myself at the Time Life building getting a copy to show Lennie Petze at Portrait Records what I was talking about. He got the joke too and bought the rights to the photo.

Neat story huh?

Uh - we - the Hawaiian Pups - aren't allowed to sell our music because Sony owns it now. I'm really glad you like it - but, uh - ya mind not giving it away while we work that out?


Tara Shanahan
(coos :) !)

JADED said...

Ha I had a feeling it was pretty old. I came across it yesterday and figured I would throw it on there. People love Matt Dallas, and I have actually known of Adam for a while now. Was that your Flickr site? Hope you didn't mind, I try and source everything!

Anonymous said...

Damn, sorry I missed this one. Kind of mind boggling that Tar would ask to stop sharing an out of print LP that helps promote a mainly forgotten band. Oh well... And defending Sony...? That seems odd.

Anonymous said...

found this in the dollar bin at ameoba!! =)