Tuesday, April 15, 2008



First album from Visage, 1980. The whole thing is grrrreeeeeeeaaaaaat. get it get it get it get it fade to grey

some tracks:

Visage - Blocks on Blocks
Visage - Moon Over Moscow

+ download the thing here


F. Newton said...

Good call! Not sure if it's on this album, but I LOVE their song "In the Year 2525". Have fun DJing tonite - I miss miss miss you. xx, f. newton

Anonymous said...

one my top fave albums ever. soooo needs to be remastered and lovingly rereleased.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved the romantic electronic sound of Visage. Their song Fade To Grey is imho one of the best songs ever written. I know I can't ever measure up to their standards but my band Eternity Range tries anyway ;)

Unknown said...

hello there. someone stole my record bag this weekend and i am trying to get some of it back digitally. this record is sadly missing. do you by any chance have an mp3 of the track "visa-age" that is on this? would love it if you could email me it...

crossed fingers,