Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Petit r'd'roll

France. And more specifically Bruno Chapoutot playing the guitar


Rock Feller - Rock Feller 12" (1983)

Rock Feller - P. Green Pepper

+ download the thing here


Chapoutot's solo project

Brodé Tango - Brodé Tango (cassette) (1986)

Brode Tango - Le Sens Du Poêle

+ download the thing here


Pol Dodu said...

Dear Uncle Alex,
As a friend of Dorian Feller (aka Bruno Chapoutot, you're right), I actually helped fund the Rock Feller release, and I cut some of the sleeves to put the insert and stamped them. Part of the story is told on Blogonzeureux! (in French...).
As for the robots picture, I don't know how you got to link it to Rock Feller (I d'ont remember Dorian using it in a booklet), but it is actually Les Robots-Music (more about their virtual record on Vivonzeureux!, in English here and more again with pictures and video but in French there).
As for Brodé Tango, Bruno issued a CD-R best-of some time ago (reviewed on Blogonzeureux! in French).
Also, Dorian is not connected to the internet, but he does have a Myspace page run by a friend.

☮alxblck said...

thanks for the clarifications pol :)

I couldn't find any image for Rock Feller so I just used the robots bc i liked it. But now I will look up Les Robots-Music on those links. thx

Anonymous said...

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Tell me what you guys think!