Thursday, October 22, 2009



My band WEAVE! We are from Los Angeles and will perhaps appeal to fans of Kleenex/Lilliput, ESG, Siouxsie, The Slits, Antmusic, etc. This isn't shameless self promotoin - I would post this EP here even if I wasn't in the band, cross my heart.

WEAVE! - Mouthpiece Hysteria
WEAVE! - Bravery

+ download Weave! self-titled debut here
+ WEAVE! Myspace


Anonymous said...

I like this, thank you!

Anonymous said...

love it

☮alxblck said...

feel free to share it! we're doing a small european tour in jan/feb and wanna get people over there into it :)

meltedrubbersoul said...

!!!***Holy Shit***!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, thanks!