Wednesday, January 26, 2011




Die Gesunden - Galaxy
Colourbox - Tarantula
C-K-C - Tous Les 7 Ans
Story A - Only Dreaming
The Corridor Des Affaires - The Newsmen
Les Rita Mitsouko - C'est Comme Ca
Dark White - Dramatics
Rick Wakeman - I'm So Straight I'm A Weirdo
Current Obsessions - Fish
Ivan - Fotonovela
Ralph Carney - Closet Bears
Bagarre - Lemonsweet
The Passage - XOYO
Falco - Ganz Wein
Boomtown Rats - Up All Night
Beranek - Crystal Dream
Desireless - Voyage Voyage
Erik Satie - Four Gnossiennes: Lent
Las Chinas - El Hombre Salvaje
Haircut 100 - Love Plus One
Patrizia Pellegrino - Automatic Amore
The Wake - O Pamela
Pyrolator - Gesprach Mit Der Erde



My Shimoda said...

love it!! thank you!

stockhaus said...

awesome, christmas in january!

☮alxblck said...

@student driver - haven't been able to get inland, but have ausland & wunderland and will probably post them. lemme know if you find inland somewhere

@stockhaus -- hi kristian !

Cameron Lewcock said...

stumbled onto here looking to download Palais Schaumburg albums.
Have Parlezvous Schaumburg on a cassette I ripped from LP in '85. Found it the other day and loved it again. Want to round out collection but can't download from the older blogs- (a 'bad!' sign pops up)
Can you help?

Britches Barnaby said...

i came here for the b-side to the ckc 7" but had to comment about how much i love the story a track. very much!

tom said...

BOOMTOWN RATS, what a great song, who knew? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love music blogs, I love compilations, I like this kind of music in general. But this is an odd, uninspired and uninspiring compilation. You did not take your time to tag the tracks right, so it's just a heap of something. What's the point?