Wednesday, January 17, 2007

do the quango

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Quando Quango was an early 80's electronic dance band formed by Hacienda DJ and Factory A&R man Mike Pickering and dutch siblings Hillegonda and Reinier Rietveld. Hillegonda does a better job than I could of describing the music:

"...Fela Kuti meets Kraftwerk somewhere between Manchester and Rotterdam, part of a new wave of post-punk electronica, with a whole lot of Mike Pickering's admirably broad knowledge of soul, disco, reggae and pop to stuff the gaps."

And Trouserpress says:

"Playing and production are uniformly sharp, but Quando Quango was best served by 12-inch dance mixes; an entire LP's worth becomes redundant and forgettable."

I totes agree. These two 12" singles rock, but some of their other stuff is a little chintsy.

Quando Quango - Love Tempo (12" mix) (1983)
Quando Quango - Atom Rock (12" mix) (1984)


FiL said...

Omigawd! Another Proustian blast from the past! Love Tempo - how wonderful. I love that sax.

Body motion, party time indeed!

frrrnando! said...

i'm wondering if you've heard French electro's [T]ékël's song "Vladivostok"...anyway they sample this song with "body motion, party time!"

it could even be a full out i have yet to compare them very well