Monday, April 09, 2007

Video Classics - McLaren and Madness

I've gone pop, turn back now if you can't deal. Two great videos, two great songs. Pretty much a founding father of punk, this is what Malcolm McLaren was up to by 1984. Amazing what the passage of a little time will do. This jam is from his first album as a solo artist, the Trevor Horn-produced Duck Rock (1983). Malcolm McLaren, especially in this video, is bizarrely fascinating to me, creepy but endearing, an awkward armchair ethnomusicologist with northern soul.

Malcolm McLaren - Double Dutch

Dudes, I'm adding this one after the fact because I just cant resist - pure 80's pop goodness. From 1984's Fans, McLaren bastardizes Puccini's Madame Butterfly and a few other classics. "Take it away Cio Cio..." haha - Puccini is rolling in his grave. McLaren probably has a lot of people rolling in their graves come to think of it.

Malcolm McLaren - Madame Butterfly

And the Madness video for 1981's "It Must be Love" single. These guys were sharp.

Madness - It Must Be Love


partyfearstwo said...

Good post I've always loved 80s pop music no matter how bad but madness were something else, great band.

FiL said...

Mmm, Talcy Malcy sure was (& probably still is) an annoying git. But that Madam Butterfly still can get me trying to do my best Kiri Te Kanawa impersonation in the shower.