Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dirty Laundry Post - From Bromley with Love

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Call me Ambular, I've been having some technical problems ripping new vinyl acquisitions to MP3 lately and so am resorting to going through Mutant Sounds dirtly laundry. Pretty shameful stuff for an MP3 blogger, but oh well, it's good music so just download it and be happy. These tracks are from the "From Bromely with Love" compilation (Alternative Records - ALT 007 - 1982) posted on MS back in January:

Story A - Only Dreaming
Easter and the Totem - Nothing There
Burlesque - Collision of Sex
20-20 Systems - Dresden

You can still get the whole thing from Mutant Sounds here.

I'm finishing up an audio project of my own, will be back with new music when it's done mid-May. xx, unclealex.


Anonymous said...

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to find out what happenend next

Anonymous said...

This brings back memories. A lot of those bands gigged around South London pubs in '81. I remember The Limit, Praxis and The Contacts did the best version of 'Teenage Kicks' I ever heard