Friday, May 11, 2007

Meccanik Dancing

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XTC's Go 2 (1978). Seems like most bands add crappy bridges or middle 8s as an afterthought to make the return to a final verse/chorus that much sweeter. But for XTC, the bridge is often the meat of the song. Actually, i Don't even know if these qualify as bridges or middle 8s because they are longer than those... whatever, suffice to say that songs like Red depart from the verse/chorus in interesting ways halfway through the song.

XTC - Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!)
XTC - Red

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Listening to Go 2 reminded me a lot of the first Oingo Boingo album Only a Lad (1981). I'm obsessed with Danny Elfman and this album is one of my favorites. Oingo Boingo also change things up halfway through, bringing in sections that depart drastically from the previous verse/chorus..

Oingo Boingo - What You See
Oingo Boingo - Controller

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vaubu said...

Great Post! Curious and eloquent comparison. After taking several years away from Only a Lad I could not believe my ears coming back to it, just fucking thrilling stuff!