Friday, June 27, 2008

Die Doraus


This is nearly as good as a thing can be, besides maybe Leoncie. Die Doraus und Die Marinas / Blumen und Narzissen / 1981. Andreas Dorau was only like 16 when this album was made, and the group of schoolgirls billed as Die Marinas were even younger. "Fred Vom Jupiter" is silly and rad and was a hit in Germany at the time, that's how great 1981 was.

Die Doraus und Die Marinas - Einkauf
Die Doraus und Die Marinas - Ich hab das Gluck

+ download the thing here
+ "Fred Vom Jupiter" video:

Thanks to Rob for sending.


Anonymous said...

thanx! "fred vom jupiter" is terribly silly. but i imagine the rest of the album won't be as much?

Fire Dragon said...
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