Saturday, April 11, 2009

die doraus addendum

the 2 die doraus & die marinas albums/ for the childrens


Blumen und Narzissen (1981)

Die Doraus und Die Marinas - Einkauf
Die Doraus und Die Marinas - Ich hab das Gluck

+ download here


Geben Offenherzige Antworten auf Brennende Fragen (1983)

Die Doraus Und Die Marinas - Satellit
Die Doraus und Die Marinas - Guten Morgen

+ download here


Nacho Trisat said...

Thanks a lot for this, mate!

Wonderfully Made @ Westmont said...

Hey Alex,
Love you! Thanks for looking at my blog!! I just subscribed to yours. xoxoxox I want your help making mine look super neato. Yours is so fun!

nenest56 said...

Great, great post...
Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

omg ihvae totally forgotten about this great band. I saw them live ways back in 83 or so and this post brings back great memories...:))

henni said...

thank you for posting this... I have been listening to this music a lot when I was in art school in the 80's... left a lot behind in my life, but music never dies