Sunday, April 30, 2006

I don't like your face

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My last post included the intricate a cappella harmonies of Ex-girl. This post contains the equally intricate vocal syncopation of Furious Pig. Coincidence? Totes. Furious Pig is what it would sound like if a gaggle of carolers with tourette's syndrome showed up on your porch during the jolly season and peppered their songs with shrieks and raspberries (not the fruit) and mutterings of "i don't like your face" before simulating the sound of a gattling gun and pretending to die right there on your doorstep.

In 1978 These boys, influenced by ethiopian polyphonic chants among other things, traveled to London fresh out of high school to participate in the finals of the Melody Maker's Rock/Folk Contest. They didn't win, but at least judge Bob Geldof, who must have known it was christmas, told them they had balls. A year later they returned to London, squatting (no time for a job when you're torturing your vocal chords for up to 8 hours a day) and practicing their act, which would have really been something (what?) to see live--apparently the choreography was as intricate as the singing and their drum kit was made of fire extinguishers, biscuit tins, plastic containers and the like.

Soon they were touring England with the likes of The Slits, The Fall, and the Television Personalities, playing regular gigs in London with the crew of comedians who became AbFab, recording a soundtrack for a William Burroughs book, being featured on NME's C81, doing a Peel Session, and recording some of their songs, including those posted below (1980), with Rough Trade. So basically they had their hands in everything cool going on in the whole world at that moment.

Furious Pig - I Don't Like Your Face
Furious Pig - Jonnys So Long

I got most of the above info as well as the tracks from Ubuweb, a fantastic wealth of free information, film, and music that proves that there really is such a thing as a free lunch, so go there.

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