Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Tapes on Vinyl

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The Tapes were a dutch new wave band based out of Amsterdam, and that's all google wrote. In English at least. I did find some info on dutch-language sites, but it didn't lend itself nicely to translation in a crappy online translator. The one thing I garnered (and could have figured out by reading the album cover) is that their third and final album "On A Clear Day" (1981) was produced by John Leckie, who's production hand also grazed the likes of XTC, The Fall, PiL, Simple Minds, and Magazine.

I'm patting myself on the back - I finally checked my laziness for a second and figured out how to convert vinyl to MP3, so this here is fresh from vinyl. Still working out how to get a nice LOUD recording, and put an awful knick in "Good Riddance" (fuckfuckfuck) before I made some tweaks that resulted in a more tolerably pitched "Night After Night," so my apologies for the lowered volume. Anyhow, enjoy, and I'll be posting more rare-ish stuff that I only have on vinyl soon (with better volume hopefully).

The Tapes - Night After Night
The Tapes - Good Riddance


Anonymous said...

Very nice reviews this month. I live in the Netherlands. The second lp Party (1980, label Passport, producer Don Willar) is also good listening. It reminds me sometimes of the Talking Heads. For more info about the band see
Sorry, to much text for a quick translation.

Dalek i is even a greater record! Found the record at an global search for nice vinyl in a recordshop in my hometown. Looking forward for new nice posts.

☮alxblck said...

thanks ruud, i've been meaning to get my hands on Party...

Anonymous said...

Hello, I was just searching around for some info on The Tapes. I found "Party" on cassette some months back at a thrift store and the first side really kicked me on the ear. But, ironically, the tape sounded like trash, and so I was extremely delighted to find a beautiful, completely clean LP copy of Party. It actually sounds better than a CD probably would. Thanks for doubling my knowledge thru your comments. The tape has 0 info, while the LP has minimal info. These guys deserve to be better known from what I'm hearing. They've got a puzzling sound...Kraftwerk born as a CBGB's band? Anyway, screw The Police--here's all that and then some!